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I am 21 years or older.

I have approval from all of the adults in my household.

I will allow a visit to my home by a Star of the North Humane Society representative before and during fostering.

I will sign a Volunteer Waiver Form after thoroughly reading and agreeing to it.

I will communicate on a regular basis, but no less than weekly, through a phone call or email, to a Star of the North Humane Society representative about the progress of my foster animal.

I will immediately communicate any problems or concerns about my foster situation to a Star of the North Humane Society representative.

(If I rent) I have the written consent of my landlord to have an animal on the property.

If you RENT, please provide your landlord's name and number.
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Please choose any that apply:

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Where will your foster be kept while you are gone at work, shopping, etc?

Do you have a separate area of your home where the foster animal can stay while they are adjusting? If yes, where?

Do you have a fenced-in yard? If not, how will your foster be exercised?

Are you willing to transport your foster animal?

Are you willing and able to foster multiple animals?

Is there any breed of cat or dog that you prefer not to foster?


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I give my permission for Star of the North humane Society to verify any of the information given. I certify that the information I have provided is true and understand that any false information may result in my application to be a foster home being rejected. I further understand that Star of the North Humane Society reserves the right to reject or dismiss a foster home if they deem the foster home not acceptable or appropriate for animals.

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